Ekiti State Government reduces Right of Way charges related to laying telecommunication infrastructures

The Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has signed into law, Executive Order No. 007 2020, which reduces the Right of Ways charges related to laying broadband or any other telecommunication infrastructures from N4,500 to N145 per metre.

The reduction in charges as enshrined in the Executive Order named RIGHT OF WAY CHARGES ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE is hinged on the following:

  1. The policy of the Government of Ekiti State to create an enabling environment for businesses and entrench measures and strategies aimed at ensuring ease of doing business in Ekiti State.
  2. The desire of the State Government to provide all those living in Ekiti State, especially rural communities with access to reliable, affordable broadband connectivity.
  3. The positive role of broadband connectivity in enhancing the ability of the Government of Ekiti State to increase economic prosperity, attract new businesses; enhance job growth, extend the reach of affordable, high-quality healthcare, enrich student learning with digital tools, and facilitate access to the digital marketplace.
  4. The aim to achieve Government’s objectives of attracting local and foreign investment for the development of broadband and other telecommunications infrastructure across Ekiti State, hence a need for certainty and transparency on Right of Way Charges.

The Executive Order also introduces the policy of the State Government to use all viable tools to accelerate the deployment and adoption of affordable, reliable, modern high-speed broadband connectivity in all the 16 Local Government Areas of Ekiti State.

The Government policy on broadband connectivity specifically targets all sectors of Ekiti State including rural homes, farms, small businesses, manufacturing and production sites, transportation systems, and healthcare and education facilities.

The State Governor also reiterates that the decision to reduce the charge will ensure EKiti achieves full broadband penetration by 2021 to attract new businesses, create jobs, improve access to quality healthcare and digital education while improving internally generated revenue.

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